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We run two sizes of road rail trailer: 5 metre long with a carrying capacity of 21 ton or 6m long with a carrying capacity of 22.5 ton. The height of the trailers are 550mm above rail head, which allows road rails that are certified to work under live O.L.E. to load & unload rails, sleepers, aggregates, etc.

Two trailers can be connected using a 5m long tow bar to allow the trailers to carry 60' rails, IBJ's (Insulated Block Joints) or 1/2 sets of switches.  Likewise, if the road rail machine has dynamic braking a series of trailers can be connected together by tow bars to carry long loads or heavy loads upto 100 tons.  

Spoil boxes can be placed on the trailer to allow loose material such as stone, sand, muck, ballast etc to be carried.

For OLE work please go to Cable Drum Carriers

Trailer Specification / Dimentions

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