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Jet Vac

Jet Vac


The Jet Vacs are mounted on a TD12 chassis so they have the benefit of four wheel drive and four wheel steer and the ability on and off track with access ramps or a foam RRAP.

Outline of spec of the Jet Vac as follows;

  • Tank Debris  - 5 cubic meters total capacity
  • Hydraulic opening back door with hydraulic latches
  • Stainless steel decant/dewater screen on inside with 4-inch drain valve and 4-inch fill valve, hydraulic tank tipping cylinder, waste tank sight tube 2” bore
  • Tank Water 4000 ltr / 850 gallon
  • Suction Jurop/Hick exhauster 2500 cfm @ 90% vacuum with micro filter protection, debris tank over fill protection, silencer system and over fill cyclone
  • Jetting Pump Prattisoli giving 2000psi @ 28gpm (137 bar 127.lpm) with a variable pressure unloader valve and low water auto cut off protection
  • Main Hose Reel 100-meter capacity ¾ inch hose reel assembly, frame slews though 90 degrees with 100 meters of ¾ inch thermoplastic jetting hose. Can be fitted with a standard jet head, a bomb head for heavily silted drains and a bulldog head for root cutting / clearance.
  • Main 6” suction hose hydraulically raised and lowered and is supplied with multiple extensions and nozzles for clearing different environments. We can supply additional suction hoses to tackle remote catch pits etc.
  • Chassis mounted carry trays so access ramps and various hoses and nozzles can be carried at all times.
  • Cab mounted carry tray for camera equipment and other lightweight items
  • Twin camera system so the driver can view ground staff working with the machine on the wide angled lens and also have the benefit of a secondary long view lens for viewing up track.

Additional Services and Information

  • The Jet Vacs can also be accompanied by our Water Supply units, either rail mounted or highway based, to ensure constant water delivery and therefore facilitate constant jetting during the shift. This not only increases productivity but also reduces the overall cost per metre.
  • Pre site inspection can be conducted to confirm suitability of kit and if a pre work camera service is required or if any work needs carrying out prior to the Jet-Vac visit if required.
  • The pre site inspection can also identify how much work is required, the distance of the work area from the access and therefore if a water supply unit is also required. If there is a lot of jetting required due to silted up drains or root ingression the travel speed of the jetter head is reduced and the pressure / flow of the jet stream is increased. The Jet-Vac can consume its full payload of water (4000 litres) when running at maximum pressure and flow in 30 minutes so in order to ensure the Jet-Vac is used at its optimum a second unit, the water additional water supply unit which carries 8000 litres of water, can be employed to feed it with water and then travel back to the access, refill with more water and return to the work area to keep the Jet-Vac working at its principal role. If the Jet-Vac is working mid-week nights it’s unlikely an additional water supply unit will be required but this can be evaluated on a job by job basis. The Jet-Vac is supplied with 3 staff, a driver and 2 staff to deal with the Jet-Vac element.
  • Productivity is subject to the overall state of the drainage. A high amount of running water in the drain / catch pit can impede the productivity greatly, likewise tree route ingression, a collapsed or damaged drain and heavy silt build up can all have a drastic effect on how many metres can be cleaned per shift. The distance travelling to and from the worksite and how many trips have to be made back to the access to discharge waste also impacts on the overall productivity so anything from 10m to 400m can be cleaned in a shift.
  • A two man camera team can be offered as part of the jetting service to identify any heavily soiled areas or root impregnated areas so the jetter can carry out several passes in these areas to ensure the obstructions are removed.
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