Cat D4, D5M XL, D5N XL Laserdozers/ ATS/GPS

The Caterpillar D4H Laser dozer is ideal for plain line track renewals where part or all the relay is affected by limited space due to catchpits, platforms tunnels etc..  The blade can be controlled by the laser beam adjusting the height and cross fall (Cant) eight times a second.  The D4H has a straight blade width of 2.6 metres and an angle blade width of 2.4 metres. Weighing in at 10 ton and having a ground pressure of 0.59kg / cm it is more suitable than the D5M/N for the more confined relay site.

The D5M XL & D5NXL are perfect if the formation is not in a confined space. With both machines providing 121HP they outperform all other brands in their weight/class.  The dimensions of both these machines are straight blade: 2.75 metres; angled blade 2.5 metres; track width 2.35 metres


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