TD12 Rail Vac

The Rail Vac is mounted on a TD12 Dump truck chassis which has a four wheel drive, four wheel steer and crab steer for those awkward access points . Rail Vacs can be used to empty ballast out of the catchpits (manholes), remove sand/spoil/ballast from around buried cables, remove ballast from under P and C  (points and crossings), clear drains, remove spilt coal at power stations, empty troughs and 'u' drains and reballast wet spots.

As the Rail Vac uses air movement the process eliminates damaging the infrastructure but gets the job done efficiently.  Once the material has been 'vacuumed' into the body the twin cabbed machine can travel to a place of your choice and tip off its load quickly & effectively.  On a recent site in London a tamper lifted 100 metres of track 50mm too high through a station platform.  As the adjacent line was needed for engineering traffic the Rail Vac was used to 'hoover' the ballast from under the first 20 metre length of track, which caused it to drop 50mm and then it would tip some of the clean ballast back into the empty beds (cribs) ready for tamping.

The Rail Vac can be fitted with a jetting system for drainage problems, rail detritus or tunnel / station cleaning work.


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