TD12 Train

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The TD12 Train has many features which make this a much more flexible cost efficient option to trains.

The TD12 train is on tracked in the worksite which eliminates the problem of site traffic blocking its route to the work site. 

It can change from a train formation that carries spoil to a flat deck train to a cable drum carrying train in minutes without leaving the work site.

If a work site becomes gridlocked with trains / OTM etc just off track and let traffic pass.

The TD12 train can be left in a siding mid-week or left at the access and isn't reliant on a train crew to take it to and from site.

The TD12 train can tow or propel a maximum of 140 tons; therefore with six trailers configured with standard tow bars between the trailers you have a deck length of 50 meters and a carrying capacity of 122 tons. As the TD12 has dynamic braking the trailers can be connected with long tow bars to give a train formation that can carry 'strings' of rail in excess of 100 metres long.

With the material/ballast boxes fitted loose material can be hauled, up to 113 tons gross or 18.9 tones per box.

As the height of the trailers are less than 600mm above the head of the rail it reduces the risk of striking overhead obstructions (OLE and tunnels) when compared to Salmon wagons which are 1350mm above the head of the rail.

The TD12 has a twin cab which makes it much quicker to move than a train with a guard.

You can add or remove trailers in the work site up to a towing capacity of 140 ton.

Ideal for blockades where flexibility is a must.

You don't need to plan a route to the possession as the TD12 trains are possession only.



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