TD12 Concrete Mixer

The road rail concrete mixers have a maximum carrying capacity of 4 cubic metres and can on or off track fully loaded at any suitably prepared point. Traditionally concrete would be transported on track using a road rail dumper which does not have the ability to mix the concrete to stop it from setting. The road rail concrete mixer will rotate the drum whilst waiting for delays such as train movements, possession / isolation delays, waiting for a stanchion base to be excavated or water pumped out. Unlike the dumper, the road rail mixer can discharge its load 3.5 metres from the track in a matter of minutes without off tracking. The mixer is mounted on a 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steer all terrain dump truck chassis which has a twin cab facility and C.C.T.V camera for travelling in reserve safely. Concrete can be loaded into the drum by either using a Pochin type concrete pump, loading at a concrete plant within a suitable radius (up to 3 miles subject to road conditions) and travelling back to site on the public highway or by 1 tonne jumbo bags of aggregate which are lifted above the mixer hopper and discharged into the drum to be mixed into concrete.


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